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Micro Ring Human Hair Extension - After Care


Styling can be done in the normal way in general, following these simple guidlines.

Take care when brushing or combing with extensions in.
It is possible to weaken the bonds or allow the hair to slip out of the microring if you use excessively strong brushing or combing.

It is advisable to brush or comb in sections starting at the ends. Care must be taken at the root/bond area.


Use a shampoo specifically designed for hair extensions or with a low pH value

When shampooing wet hair in direction of growth to avoid tangling, ideally with a shower.

Conditioners containing oil should be avoided as these can weaken the bonds and allow the ring extension to slip out.

Avoid conditioning the root/bond area of the head to minimise buildup of residue which can weaken bonds.

Wash you hair more infrequntly as evey wash will slighly weaken the bonds (however careful you are).

Avoid excess heat in the root/bond area to avoid the possibility of melting the bonds.


It is best to tie your hair in a loose ponytail or plait for bed to minimise tangling and excess strain on the bonds.

Other Advice

You may lose some bonds during the time your extensions are in. This is very normal and happens with all bonded extensions though sometimes clients don't lose any at all. If you keep them and they are in good condition they can be refitted during your next maintenance session.

It is not advisable to keep extensions in for longer than 3 months as your re-growth can get matted and make them harder to remove after this period. This also makes re-using the hair much more difficult and will cost more. It is also good to remove them after this time to give your hair a good wash and colour if needed.

Once fitted, hair extensions can take a few days to get used to. You may have mild itching for the first few days due to the unusual feeling of bonds next the the scalp.

By following the recommendations here you will maximise the life of your extensions and make living with hair extension much more pleasant.

Hair by Samantha - 01438 717226 / 07878 161888
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